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Now says: I chose the medium tan, which was perfect - it's a golden tan and I don't have any streaks. Everyone has told me how natural it looks. Verdict 10/10.

Guardian Group says: I was left with a very deep and really even tan. I was amazed at the results, better than any other products I have tried. Rating: 10 out of 10.

Vogue says: Look instantly slimmer, fitter & sexier.

Daily Mail says: Can't live without!

Closer says: MagicTan's new misting technology delivers an even all over tan...and it's guaranteed to be streak free. The colour develops gradually leaving you looking your absolute best.

The Sun says: Bronzing Heaven.

Top Sante says: MagicTan will give you a fantastic colour and soft, supple skin...golden brown and gorgeous.

City Life says: Get the best tan in town.

Glamour says: In just 45 seconds you'll look as though you've spent a fortnight in the Carribbean. And with no dangerous rays involved, it's also the safest way to tan.

The Times says: What was the colour like? A lovely natural golden glow.

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Fox News
Is MagicTan really the best? Find out.
UPN News - Tan in a Can
Get the lowdown on our aerosol self tanning system. Find out just how easy it is to use, and the fabulous colour it gives you.
CBS News
The healthy alternative to sun-worshipping. The quick, easy and safe way to a golden tan.
E! Entertainment Feature - testing MagicTan booth against a St Tropez treatment. Do you prefer 1 hour or 1 minute?


MT100 - Mist Removal System 

MT100 M.R.S. Mist Removal System

A new overspray booth for Airbrush, Handheld and HVLP/LVLP sunless tanning.





Mist removal from airbrush tanning sessions is a critical requirement in a busy tanning salon environment. The MT100 is an overspray booth that will contain and filter the overspray from airbrush or handheld spray tanning session equipment. It will help clear the air of the accumulated mist generated from individual sessions and will help to prepare the tanning environment for the next session.

The MT100 also provides excellent lighting conditions for the system operator, helping to remove shadows and provide optimum airbrush tanning conditions. The MT100 is equipped with the following standard features:

  • (3) Ultra quiet 250 CFM Evacuation Fans
  • (3) Washable Filters
  • (2) Adjustable Operator Lights

An MT100 can conveniently be set up in almost any salon space, creating a safer and cleaner environment for both the tanning client and the operator.

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